Mixed culture gose with coriander & sea salt, with mandarin orange zest.

500ml / $7


New! Velvet Skeleton

Milk Stout with a velvet mouthfeel and lightly roasted finish. Contains lactose. 6.1%


Our flagship pilsner. A clean & crisp light lager guaranteed to please every palate. 4.4%


An American IPA with a hazy, cloudy appearance that will satisfy the hop seekers of the world. 6.9%

Resilience IPA

Brewed for the Sierra Nevada collaboration in which 100% of proceeds go to Butte County to the Camp Fire Relief Fund. West Coast IPA.7.3%


Our YPA, or Youngstown Pale ale, this session IPA is a hazy, fruity, and citrusy, cousin of OHvercast. 5.5%


A Munich Dunkel, or German Dark Lager, with rich and toasty flavors that drinks easy and finishes smooth. 5.9%


New! Fawkes Feathers

A saison with fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon, and turmeric. Bright and refreshing with a slightly spicy finish and pop of acidity. 5.7%

Fickle Mistress

Farmhouse IPA with Brettanomyces. Dry and sharp with a lightly hoppy finish. 6.5%

Ember & Orchard

A smoked gose aged in oak for 8-months. This one has a rounded sour flavor and smokey aroma thanks to smoked malt and smoked sea salt. 5%

Jorts for the Ladies

Loaded with denim colored fruits cut just above the knee. With just under 200 pounds of fruit, this smoothie sour has a viscous mouthfeel complimented with vanilla bean for a slight sweetness. 5.8%

Grandpa’s Guitars

A Norweigan wheat ale that is not your typical wheat ale. A malty backbone holds flavors of tropical fruits and pine, with a lightly hoppy finish. 5%


A tart Saison with Hibiscus flowers lending a light acidity and floral tones, fermented with Brettanomyces for just the right amount of funk. 5.7%