"To the noble creatures of the worlds, an infinite source of wisdom, inspiration, and entertainment.." Cheers!

Noble Creature is a small batch independent brewery in Youngstown, Oh. We are committed to producing quality brews of all styles with a focus on barrel aged sours, fine lagers, ales, and kombucha. We want to be a launch pad for the next step in Youngstown revitalization and will do everything within our power to make this a sustainable and community focued project with a healthy future.

Our brewery and taproom is located in a former brick church built in 1923 in the old Smoky Hollow neighborhood of Youngstown on the east side of Youngstown State University and right behind the Youngstown public library. We hope to provide a comfortable, cozy, authentic atmosphere welcoming all with fresh hand crafted beverages and heart warming food. 

We believe in Youngstown, we love this town, and we encourage all positive, open minded, forward thinking individuals to come out and share a pint with all the people that make this place so weird and wonderful. Lets Rock n Roll Youngstown! Cheers YO!

Noble Creature Cask House


Ira Gerhart, Brewer and owner

Marcy Gerhart, Chef and owner