A mixed culture Gose with sea salt, coriander, and mandarin orange zest

500ml / $7




We call this sessionable and hoppy beer a YPA, or Youngstown Pale Ale. Light and crush-able with bold citrus flavor. 5.5%


Our flagship Pilsner. Clean, clear, and crisp light lager with a slight honey finish. 4.4%


American IPA with full hop flavor and fruity finish. 6.9%

New! Penelope

Mole Stout with ancho chili peppers, Colombian Cascara, cinnamon and vanilla. 10%


Munich Dunkel (German Dark Lager). Rich, roasty flavor on the front with notes of chocolate and nuts in a smooth, drinkable lager. 5.9%

Velvet Skeleton

Milk Stout brewed with lactose. Velvet mouthfeel with notes of coffee and chocolate finished with a light sweetness. 6.1%

New! Enthusiasm Uncurbed

Norwegian IPA fermented with Voss Kveik yeast. Hazy and very fruit forward with notes of fresh squeezed orange juice and peach. 7.3%


Fawkes Feathers

Ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper, and turmeric in a sour Saison. Refreshingly acidic with a pop of heat on the finish. 5.7%

New! Jovaru - UNVEILED Series

A raw beer (never boiled) mashed on juniper berries and fermented in oak. Silky mouthfeel with subtle notes of malt and toffee, a hint of peppercorn and citrus, and light acidity. 4.5%

Ember and Orchard

Barrel Aged smoked Gose. Brewed with smoked sea salt and coriander and aged in oak for 8 months. Smokey, sour, and complex. 5%

Jorts for the Ladies

Fruited sour with close to 200 lbs of black currant, blackberry, boysenberry, and vanilla bean. Viscous with heavy berry flavor. 5.8%


Tart Saison with Brettanomyces and Hibiscus flowers. Floral and lightly funky. 5.7%