Enthusiasm Uncurbed

A double dry-hopped Norwegian IPA fermented hot with a Voss Kveik yeast and enthusiastically hopped with some of our favorite American hops. This is a smooth and juicy IPA we think is prreettyy, prettyyy, prettyyy good! 7%

$17 / 4-pack



Our mixed culture sour brown ale, aged for 18 months in a red wine barrel and bottle conditioned for an additional 3 months.

$10 / 500ml




An Oatmeal Brown Ale. Light bodied and easy drinking, with rich notes of nuts and chocolate. 5.3%


A Czech Pilsner. Light, clean, and crisp lager that leaves you with a short bite of hops on the end. 5%


Our Russian Imperial Stout. Full body and full flavor. Notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and fresh coffee. 8.4%


Our German-style Helles Lager, clean and light with notes of honey and biscuit. 5%


What we call our “YPA”, or Youngstown Pale Ale. A smooth, session-able, hazy pale ale.


Coffee & chocolate stout, brewed with a special dark blend made for us by Branch Street Coffee Roasters in Boardman. Roasty and sweet, complete with cocao nibs.


Pony Boy

A 15 month barrel-aged dark Saison aged on vanilla beans, cascara, and local tart cherries. Funky and tart with notes of leather and tobacco, yet very fruit forward. 6.3%

Obligatory Expletive

Our Kvass inspired ale. Mashed with over 100 pounds of out house-made spent grain bread that we froze and saved over the course of a year. We then added lemon, raisins, cranberries, and fresh spruce tips for a lightly sour all-day drinker at just 3%.

Fawkes Feathers

Tart saison with lemon, ginger, turmeric, and cayenne pepper. Refreshingly sour with a hint of heat on the back end. 6.1%

Thin Lips Cran/Raz

Our dry-hopped Berliner Weise on cranberries and raspberries. Sour and fruity and delicious. 4.5%

Thin Lips Rhubard/Sumac

Another variant of our dry-hopped berliner weisse, this time on local rhubard and fresh sumac plants. However, this one is much lighter less acidic than her cran/raz sister. 4.5%