Our American Light Lager. This is one of our original recipes that has remained a staple since opening day. We had a vision to make a beer that was as light, clean, and crisp as it was flavorful. Our goal was to create something that those new to craft beer would easily love, and that the seasoned craft drinkers would appreciate. After perfecting the recipe nearly two years later, we have finally brought you packaged version. Perfect for any occasion, with and with any crowd!

$11 / 4-pack




Our German-style Marzen. A fall amber lager, comparable to an Oktoberfest. Clear, crisp and malty. 5.6%


Our staple IPA for all our hop-heads out there. hopped with Simcoe, Centennial, and Amarillo. Hazy like the overcast skies of Ohio. 7.6%

To Be Fair

Inspired by a Belgian Single, this light yellow ale is easy-drinking with all your favorite Belgian characteristics. 5.8%


An Oatmeal Brown Ale. Light bodied and easy drinking, with rich notes of nuts and chocolate. 5.3%

Enthusiasm Uncurbed

Our double dry-hopped Norwegian IPA, fermented hot with a Voss Kviek yeast. Aggressive notes of orange and peach, with a surprisingly light and smooth finish. 7%


Our Russian Imperial Stout. Full body and full flavor. Notes of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and fresh coffee. 8.4%



Sour Table Bier brewed with 50 pounds of Jasmine Rice and finished with a generous amount of dried Jasmine Flower. Light and herbal with moderate acidity. 4%

Thin Lips Cran/Raz

Our dry-hopped Berliner Weise on cranberries and raspberries. Sour and fruity and delicious. 4.5%

Witchwood Amalgam

The first in a new series of blends from our barrel collection. Witchwood is a blend of three barrel-aged saisons of different ages from wine barrels. With heavy oak character, this complex saison is funky and earthy with a very dry finish. 7.9%

Too Brett to Sip

A collaboration for the second year with our friends at Birdfish Brewing Co. in Columbiana, Ohio. We took their love of IPA’s and our love of Brettanomyces to bring you this Hazy Brett IPA. All the juice with just the right amount of funk, clocking in at a whopping 7.9%

Saison Du Maiden

Our Maiden Brew! The first beer ever made in our brewery 2 years ago. Last year we brewed a fresh batch for our anniversary, and this year we decide to pull it out of a barrel where its been resting peacefully for 15 months. Smooth yet complex rye saison, with notes of pear, honey, crisp apples with a warm alcohol presence and bone-dry finish. 7.6%

Certifiably Fresh

Our yearly fresh hop ale! This year we harvested and picked hops from an urban farm on Youngstown’s Northside near our pawpaw orchard. We picked the hops off the vines with help from our customers and friends on our patio, and quickly threw them in a mixed-culture ale. 5.9%